Friday, 12 December 2014

Play Date & Neon Colour

Hi lovelies

I said I was only making one Xmas card this year. I was wrong.

I was over at a friend's house on a craft date, primarily to encourage the making of Xmas cards. I had not intended to make anything festive myself. I thought I'd just make some general cards but I had this moustache stamp and well it looked like a tree. One thing lead to another and you can see what happened.

I'm not the most prolific crafter in the world. The card above was only the second one I produced in the whole day. The colours I used can be explained by the fact that I'd already dug out some card colours to match Hero Arts Neon Inks used in this...

I wanted to stamp the bike in these vivid colours, so I had out on the table the bright blue, green and red to match. There was plenty of scraps left over, which were used in the Xmas Tree card later.

In this dark, gloomy weather, I love seeing and playing with these bright, funky colours.

Monday, 8 December 2014

The One & Only

Hello Lovelies

I have my one and only handmade Christmas card to share today. I've already produced my usual, printed card design for everyone and I'll share that nearer to the festive day itself.

However, this weekend, I went along to the local Craft group's Christmas do and the deal is we take one handcrafted card, which is distributed in a Secret Santa format. Seems only fair that if I'm to receive a handcrafted card that whoever ends up with mine doesn't find a shop bought one inside when they rip open the envelope.

And here it is...

I die cut a triangle, covered the edges with wash tape and stamped a circular patterned image in green. I die cut a smaller triangle from the same nested set out of red card and cut off a point to create the pot. The sentiment is from Woodware stamps & stamped onto Kraft card with black Archival ink.

And that's it as far as card making goes for Christmas. I shall resume making thank you cards.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Zig Zagging My Way to Say Thanks

Hello Lovelies!!!

At this time of year, I know it's more usual to see fellow crafters concentrate on making Christmas cards and their like. Me, not so much. I design one card, print it out, wash, rinse & repeat. Instead, I put my time into Thank You cards. I don't have as many to send, so it's easier to make a handmade one and hopefully let the recipients know more personally how grateful I am.

So I've made a start on my stock...

Stamps: Chevrons & Sentiment by Clearly Besotted Stamps. Inks: Archival Ink by Ranger - Black, Cornflower Blue, Forget Me Not.

And remember in last week's post, I mentioned I had designed some vectors to help in designing my Christmas card? Well here they are...

I may even make them into tags for the presents as well.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Pretty in Pink for FMS

Hello My Lovelies

As you can see, I've started following a few challenge threads to spark off the old creative juices. Today I have a card to share which I made using the latest design from Freshly Made Sketches.

Here's their latest sketch...

And what I made of it...

As you can see, I was channelling a Pretty in Pink vibe.

Saturday, 22 November 2014

CAS(E) this Sketch 101 Card

Hi there lovelies

I've made a card for the latest CAS(E) this Sketch! Challenge. I know! Where would I be if it wasn't for the gift of these online challenges? Without them, I just sit at my desk, awash with possibilities and making nothing. I've certainly learnt that creatively, I like to have restrictions. It gives me a jumping off point. Whether it's a colour palette, a theme or a sketch, I like that little push it gives.

Back to CTS, the sketch this time around, looks like this...

And I came up with this...

Clean & simple and it makes me happy!

In the meantime, the festive season will soon be upon us and much as I'm loathe to have to think of it yet, I need to start planning. Each year, I design my own cards and print them out. With that in mind, I've been coming up with some yuletide images. Hopefully I'll have them finished by the time of my next post and I'll share what I've come up with.

Enjoy your weekend

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A Birthday Card for the Graphically Inclined

Hi There Lovelies

Let's not waffle today. I made a card. Here it is...

It's graphic, it's blue, it's pink!!! It's going to be noticed.

You can throw away all your other cards, they will pale by comparison and quite simply aren't worthy. Just keep this one displayed on your shelf and admire!

Don't cha just love a bit of arrogance on a Sunday morning? lol

Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Card & A Trip to London

Hello again my lovelies

I've blown the dust off my inks recently and started to re-educate myself on how to stamp. Or rather, how to stamp successfully. I'd all but forgotten that there was a knack to it. Mind you, I recently flicked through a craft magazine and all the projects had appalling stamped images. Lots of missing patches of ink. I don't rate myself as being that proficient at it but a blindfolded chimp could do better than this mag's contributions. No wonder the publishing industry is having problems. I am subscribed to blogs which showcase crafters who are so brilliant, it makes me want to weep into my stash. And I can get that humiliation for free. I foolishly paid cold hard cash to see badly executed stamping.

Oops, slap hand and remind myself not to be such a grumpy sod - It's like that old joke goes - you know the one - "Oh you have a blog? And what do you complain about?"

So why don't I zip it shut and show you the card I made and let you all rain down a thousand judgements upon me instead lol

Since my last post, I've been out and about meeting friends and strangers and pretty much enjoying the aspect of being busy and doing nothing.

In the spirit of this year's "word"  - Adventure - I took a trip to London to meet up with my talented artist friend  - Richard Pettitt (Quick promotion! If you're looking for a beautiful Christmas Gift for someone and they have a pet - dog or cat - send Richard a photo and have him produce a gorgeous drawing from it - his website's here! - he did my cat a while back and it's stunning).

Anyway, when I met up with him - I dragged him off to the 02 to have him (and myself) strapped into a harness (which was as tight around the crotch as you could imagine, before ascending the outside of the dome on a rubber treadway.

Here we both are on the viewing platform at the top where we were treated to a 360 degree view of London.

Once we descended, we hopped off to the Tower of London to take a quick look at the ceramic poppies - not that we could see many as there was a hee-yooge crowd obstructing the view.

I think that, as I type, they are now being removed. So I was pleased to have seen them whilst they were still installed. I can't add anything to what has already been said by everyone else who has seen them. They were, as my American chums would say, awesome!